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David T McConaghay

Ayurvedic Doctor

Vedic Astrologer

D. Div. Candidate

Denver, Colorado, USA


Copyright 2019


Multi Dimensional Medicine 

is a holistic healing modality

that addresses the full spectrum of

body, mind & subtle dissonance

that humans experience.


Rooted in the timeless living wisdom that is 

  • Ayurveda

  • Vedic Astrology &

  • Yoga Philosophy


MDM incorporates modern, Nature-based models

of psychology and human development,

as well as groundbreaking research

in sub-atomic and astro-physics


to provide time-tested home remedies and

simple-but-powerful practices that help to


  • resolve acute conditions,

  • harmonize habitual imbalances &

  • enhance overall well-being.


The Colorado Ayurvedic Medical Association (COLORAMA) is currently engaged in historic efforts to make Ayurveda a licensed profession in Colorado. We would be the first state in the nation to do so.


Your donation funds our legal and legislative activities as we seek to create official pathways for Ayurveda to have the widespread positive impact of which we know it is capable. Thank you for your support!


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